Connelly School of the Holy Child,
Potomac, MD

Sister Schools:
Connelly School of the Holy Child and Washington School for Girls

There is a long history of connection between Holy Child and the Washington School for Girls as the Society of the Holy Child Jesus was one of the founding organizations of the Washington School for Girls years ago. Cornelia Connelly is one of our shared "founding spirits" as our students learn to interact, serve, and benefit from the relationship between one another. Holy Child has been volunteering with the Washington School for Girls for as long as the school has been open, and the relationship has been of mutual benefit. The partnership between Holy Child and Washington School for Girls has been multifaceted as students help at their Saturday School, raise funds for their annual field trip to the Karen Noonan Center at our BINGO event, and learn from our relationship with one another. After a pause during COVID, Holy Child is back with our active partnership of student-to-student relationships as our students are invited to visit twice a month on Saturdays.

As we started up our Saturday visits this school year, Elizabeth Carroccio ’24 reflected on her experience, especially the positive connections created during her visit. “I had the pleasure of serving at our sister School Washington School for Girls. When I arrived, I was welcomed by energetic smiles from the girls. We enjoyed fun activities including study hall, a forensic science lesson, and baking pumpkin cookies. One highlight was listening to the girls read an inspiring story by Alana Andrews, a 14-year-old CEO, called Creating Confidence. There was so much joy as we laughed, learned about all our favorite things, and connected over our shared interests. It was hard to leave as the girls were all hugging us and asking us to come back again soon. I was so uplifted by my experience and enjoyed meeting all the girls.I am looking forward to going back to WSG soon.”

We have also had Washington School for Girls graduates come to Holy Child for high school. The connection between the two schools is strong and rooted in our shared connection with Cornelia Connelly.