Cornelia Connelly Center
For Education
Connelly Middle School
New York, NY

Written by Kassandra Moran,
Advancement Associate

Educational Views
I often reflect on my own Holy Child education and the gratitude I feel for the holistic approach that valued me in my entirety. As an alumna of Cornelia Connelly Center I recall the special moments I experienced in the classroom and the powerful impact it continues to have on me today.

As a middle schooler, CCC was my sanctuary, an environment I truly enjoyed existing in every single day. I found comfort and peace being around my peers and educators all while genuinely sharing joy for learning. Our teachers always encouraged us to question, take up space in the classroom, and to be all that God wants us to be.

CCC is a tight knit community of love, respect, and learning which set precedent for the future of my educational career. In high school I was eager to learn new things and walked with integrity, confidence, and compassion. My Holy Child education gave me the strength to grow from a reserved and timid girl into a resilient and courageous adult.

This year I returned to CCC as a member of the staff! I feel compelled to give back to my CCC community and hope to set a strong example for my younger Holy Child sisters. As the Advancement Associate, I have the opportunity to work as an ambassador for CCC. I believe every girl should stand confidently in her power and I work diligently with the advancement team to ensure our girls have the resources they need to thrive at CCC.

I value the community our school offers, the feeling of belonging and connection as you walk in each morning is unexplainable and for that reason I work diligently to ensure that young girls coming to the Center today can have a similar story. The impact the Holy Child education has had on my life is immeasurable. It only feels right to be back in the community that has proved time and time again that we each have the capacity and capability to enrich our lives through God.